What is inner child healing?

As a therapist and trauma survivor myself, one of my all-time favorite quotes is “be the person you need it when you were younger”. This is the essence of inner child healing. Our childhood and teenage years are the most important years developmentally. This includes social emotional development, and also actual brain development. The experiencesContinue reading “What is inner child healing?”

Childhood Trauma and the Holidays

Experiencing childhood trauma and attachment issues with the family you grew up with is hard enough. This leads to having to work out dysfunctional patterns in future relationships, and often coping with some really difficult negative self beliefs over the years. If that isn’t enough, here comes the holidays! The holidays are a time thatContinue reading “Childhood Trauma and the Holidays”

Was my mother/father/parent a narcissist?

The term narcissist has been used more more and recent times and is starting to gain increasing awareness among the general population. If you’ve heard of the term narcissist and heard a little bit about what a narcissist is, you may be wondering if your parent was a narcissist. Merriam Webster define narcissism in generalContinue reading “Was my mother/father/parent a narcissist?”

Signs I have Outgrown my Friendship

Friendships are one of the biggest gifts we have in life. Finding quality friendships can take just as much time, effort and energy that finding romantic love does. All that being said, it’s very important that we keep quality friendships in our lives and begin to recognize signs if we are outgrowing that relationship. HereContinue reading “Signs I have Outgrown my Friendship”