Welcome Metta family!

My name is Renee Minx. I am a masters level mental health therapist as well as a person in long-term successful recovery from complex trauma and addiction.

Please feel free to reach out if you want to work together for individual therapy or if you have any questions reneeminxtherapy@gmail.con

What will your blogs be about?

This blog is about all things trauma, wellness, recovery and health. My clinical expertise is in trauma, abuse survivors, somatic techniques, inner child work and holistic healing.

Why read this blog?

  • Because you will learn new ways to help cope with your mental health symptoms
  • Because improving your own symptoms will also improve your relationships
  • As you learn more, your awareness will grow and so will your power to change

I am extremely passionate about trauma and mental health healing because I know that a happier life is possible.

I want us to connect with each other like a community would. So if you have any requests that I write on a topic please let me know! I’m also very open to questions as well.

I want this to be a free and helpful resource from an expert + survivor to you. Cheers to this journey of life together!

If you have any more questions about psychotherapy please reach out via the Metta Holistic Therapy contact page or email me directly at reneeminxtherapy@gmail.com

Thank you so much! You are worthy of wisdom, healing, and being LOVED.

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