What is sexual assault?

The public knowledge and recognition of sexual assault has increased over the years, especially due to movements like the no more and me too movement. There has been so much gaslighting and victim-blaming in our culture that it has made it hard for survivors of sexual assault to really recognize and admit what happened toContinue reading “What is sexual assault?”

Can I do EMDR on Telehealth virtual therapy?

Telehealth therapy has been on the rise ever since COVID showed us that we can do therapy and stay connected virtually. There are some types of therapy that have both clinicians and clients wondering if they can be done successfully and ethically via Telehealth. EMDR is one of these. EMDR, or eye movement decensitization andContinue reading “Can I do EMDR on Telehealth virtual therapy?”

Do I have PTSD?

You probably have heard the term PTSD and if you are on this page you are wondering if you qualify for the diagnosis. There is a lot of information going around about PTSD in recent years so let me help parse out the four main components of PTSD below. 1. AVOIDANCE: Avoidance is one ofContinue reading “Do I have PTSD?”

Do I need therapy?

Unlike past times, going to seek mental health therapy has now become mainstream as well as respected and seen as a healthy trait in a potential partner instead of a red flag. Whether or not to seek therapy is something that all of us have considered at some point in our lives. Therapy is notContinue reading “Do I need therapy?”

How do I find the right therapist for me?

Finding the right therapist for you can be a daunting process. Making the choice to seek help is such a brave decision but there are many steps in-between admitting our lives would be more fulfilled if we sought help and actually walking into our first session with a therapist. I’ve compiled a list of theContinue reading “How do I find the right therapist for me?”

Signs I have Outgrown my Friendship

Friendships are one of the biggest gifts we have in life. Finding quality friendships can take just as much time, effort and energy that finding romantic love does. All that being said, it’s very important that we keep quality friendships in our lives and begin to recognize signs if we are outgrowing that relationship. HereContinue reading “Signs I have Outgrown my Friendship”

Do I Need EMDR Therapy?

EMDR, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, is an effective type of therapy that aids in reprocessing traumatic memories in the past. If you’ve heard a loved one who has had incredible healing experiences from doing EMDR with their therapist, you may be wondering if EMDR therapy is right for you. I’ve compiled a list ofContinue reading “Do I Need EMDR Therapy?”

What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic therapy has gain popularity over the last 2 years in the therapy realm and beyond. The reason for this is because more and more research is discovering the connection between our brain, body and experiences. Traumatic experiences, anxiety and depression can “get stuck” in our body and nervous system. Therapy that values somatic healingContinue reading “What is Somatic Therapy?”

Do I have trauma symptoms?

Read below to learn about how trauma may show up in your day to day life. We may hear the word trauma and think to ourselves… what the heck does trauma even mean? Trauma is an experience that feels so overwhelming that we cannot process it at the time. Trauma is extremely specific to theContinue reading “Do I have trauma symptoms?”

Can trauma be healed?

In short, the answer is yes trauma can be continuously healed. Trauma is as complex as people are. Each person’s situation in unique yet as clinicians we know there have been proven ways to help improve trauma. Below I list the top four reasons why trauma can be healed. 1. Our brains are always changing.Continue reading “Can trauma be healed?”