What is inner child healing?

As a therapist and trauma survivor myself, one of my all-time favorite quotes is “be the person you need it when you were younger”. This is the essence of inner child healing. Our childhood and teenage years are the most important years developmentally. This includes social emotional development, and also actual brain development. The experiencesContinue reading “What is inner child healing?”

What is dissociation?

Disassociation is taking the world by storm and being a trauma therapist I’m realizing I’m working more and more with dissociation every day. It’s not surprising that dissociation is becoming a huge issue with people nowadays considering all the external distraction stimulation that we constantly have access to. On top of the distraction, we areContinue reading “What is dissociation?”

Was my mother/father/parent a narcissist?

The term narcissist has been used more more and recent times and is starting to gain increasing awareness among the general population. If you’ve heard of the term narcissist and heard a little bit about what a narcissist is, you may be wondering if your parent was a narcissist. Merriam Webster define narcissism in generalContinue reading “Was my mother/father/parent a narcissist?”

Experiencing rape in college

Experiencing rape or sexual assault can be one of the most painful, secretive, and shameful events that can ever happen to anyone. College is supposed to be a time where we are differentiating from our parents, figuring out who we are and who we want to be. It can be an incredibly scary time ofContinue reading “Experiencing rape in college”

How Abortion Policies Affect Trauma Survivors

My therapeutic specialty is working with women and men who are trauma survivors… survivors of war, survivors of abuse, survivors of childhood trauma. I am also a woman who is a survivor of childhood trauma myself. Throughout my work and my life experiences I have seen how trauma can be triggered by events happening inContinue reading “How Abortion Policies Affect Trauma Survivors”

What is toxic positivity?

A lot of the clients that I work with are interested in manifesting and the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that whatever energy we put out is what we will get back. Believing in manifesting and the law of attraction are both, in themselves, not harmful at all. They can be helpfulContinue reading “What is toxic positivity?”

Can I do EMDR on Telehealth virtual therapy?

Telehealth therapy has been on the rise ever since COVID showed us that we can do therapy and stay connected virtually. There are some types of therapy that have both clinicians and clients wondering if they can be done successfully and ethically via Telehealth. EMDR is one of these. EMDR, or eye movement decensitization andContinue reading “Can I do EMDR on Telehealth virtual therapy?”

Do I have PTSD?

You probably have heard the term PTSD and if you are on this page you are wondering if you qualify for the diagnosis. There is a lot of information going around about PTSD in recent years so let me help parse out the four main components of PTSD below. 1. AVOIDANCE: Avoidance is one ofContinue reading “Do I have PTSD?”

Do I need Psychotherapy with Ketamine Treatment?

Are you interested in seeking ketamine treatments to help you overcome depressive, anxious or trauma symptoms? Have you already started on the path of ketamine infusions and find yourself seeking to properly prepare or integrate those experiences? If your answer is yes to one of these questions, you are in the right place. I amContinue reading “Do I need Psychotherapy with Ketamine Treatment?”

Do I have trauma symptoms?

Read below to learn about how trauma may show up in your day to day life. We may hear the word trauma and think to ourselves… what the heck does trauma even mean? Trauma is an experience that feels so overwhelming that we cannot process it at the time. Trauma is extremely specific to theContinue reading “Do I have trauma symptoms?”